INTERVIEW #1 : Meet the founders of — Matthias Nagele & Mirko Riedel
6 min readJun 8, 2022

We interviewed each other with Matthias Nagele and Mirko Riedel using questions to tell the community more about us. You can read the interview here if you prefer to read instead of watching the video.

There were already two interviews from us before, once with Santiago and once with Martin. We link both interviews again here:

Tell us more about your background!?

Matthias: I’m originally from Austria but moved some years ago to beautiful Switzerland. Austrian guy living in Switzerland and founding a crypto company. I founded coz I’m entrepreneur by heart and love new challenges. Also I have IT background. I’m originally an application developer but managed always to be more at the infrastructure side. My roles are more development and operations. This is a quite good combination to start a crypto trading company. Also I’m a business man, entrepreneur. I founded 2 years ago with my wife the company BeGreener. We produce and sell ecological cleaning products in Switzerland.

How you discovered DeFiChain and how long are you in it?

Mirko: I discovered DeFiChain quite a while ago coz of Julian Hosp. He is from Austria too. We spoke with so many people last months, even related with our project. And many people said the same. Interesting to see, how one person has such an impact on german speaking crypto market. He cannot be undervalued, what Julian did for the crypto market and Defichain. I’m in the crypto market since 2017 and invested in Defichain in 2021.

Matthias: I’m in crypto since 2014, when I bought my first bitcoin. And invested in Defichain when Ethereum broke out and a part of them I swapped to DFI. First I used Cakedefi.

Why do you believe in the future of decentralized finance and Defichain?

Matthias: I think, it is very important for all of us to be in control of our financial assets. This is why Bitcoin is here and Bitcoin is important. But Bitcoin alone is not enough. That’s why we need Defichain and decentralized finance. I absolutely believe in the future of the system, if regulation wont kill it. I believe in Defichain, coz the performance compared to other projects was so far very good.

Mirko: I think, that decentralized finance will from one point merge with centralized finance. Probably there will be a merge. I don’t think, that decentralized and centralized finance in the future, in 20 years, will exist separately. There will be a merger of these both construction. Even though, decentralized finance will have to find a way into regulations. There will be processes, where we have to go down this way of regulation. Why I believe in the future, coz decentralized finance is much more powerful for innovations. When you build on decentralized finance products, you are faster. You have a better time to market. You can experiment more. In centralized finance you have all these regulation, these big companies. It takes more time. Now you see, even from decentralized finance system big players take ideas. Decentralized finance will give back control to people. Especially in such countries with a lack of centralized finance.

Do you fear, regulation might come, what’s your strategy?

Mirko: It has to aspects right? Privately and for our company. As for the company, well, I mean we chose Switzerland because of different reasons. Because it is located amid Europe, they have a good tax regime. But not only coz it has low tax, because it is easy to get taxed there. In Germany it is much harder to handle crypto for a company, in terms of documentations. This is just horrible. Switzerland is all easy with it.

Matthias: Switzerland is not a tax paradise. You have to pay tax here. But Switzerland is easier in terms of business, how you pay tax, how you do business. I hope Switzerland keep this benefits on the long run.

Mirko: Well, let’s talk about regulations. It is easier for us to start with our company in Switzerland. Even though, from a certain point regulations will touch us too. In terms of geographical expansion and of time line. Am I afraid about it? No. I can’t be afraid of circumstances. We have to adapt to this and get the job done. What is our strategy about it? Just get this done. Thats it.

Matthias: Yes regulation will come. Our strategy is just being fast.

Are you worried about, what happened recently with Terra Luna?

Matthias: Worried is the wrong word. Just some uncomfortable. Coz there was all going well in the market and Terra Luna created a lot of mess for the whole market. It can happen always in a very young industry. Such things have a huge impact. Remember a couple of years ago, there was a Tesla burning down on the highway. This happening had an impact on stock price. It when down half the price. When combustion engine cars burn down, none cars. We are in the situation, when somewhere in the crypto market is a problem, we are in the center of attention. We have to get through this.

Mirko: I’m not afraid. It is just one project. Also Tether and also DUSD on Defichain had a small problem. Both are back to peg. The market will forget about. The world moves so fast, the market as well. In 2 months none will talk about anymore Terra.

Are you also invested in stock market or 100% crypto?

Mirko: Yes have been in Tesla but now invested in crypto 100%. Even we start a synthetic assets startup, I have to admit, I’m mostly invested in coins like Bitcoin, Etherium and DFI. My focus is now to build the project with you. And during the process our company building I will step by step invest in dStocks as well. My focus at the moment is to build the project And during this process I will adjust my personal portfolio. I also want to wait, how the stockmarket moves next months. How the valuation of the big players like Amazon, Apple and so on will move. Will be there a shakeout… Meta lost so much value at the moment. I want to see the bottom. Want to see, how the companies will be positioned after this period.

Matthias: For a long time, like 80/90% I was invested in the standard stock market and 20% in crypto. But past 2 years crypto increased a lot. So my portfolio started to change. Meanwhile 80% crypto. I’m not a typical stock holder. I have few positions, mainly like commodities like Uranium. I also buy and sell options and options combinations. For me this is a good way to create cashflow. Due to the volatile markets the options prices are also up and down atm.

When do you plan to release the Beta-Version for people to test it?

Matthias: Go to the Telegram-Channel and there we will notify you, when the private Beta goes live for testers. Next 2 months, July /August, we will open the gates.

Do you plan to add features requested by testers?

Mirko: Yes, we will do so!

What is your vision for the next 2 years?

Matthias: Our vision is to grow the company. And our dream is, to make millionaires with our system. So people, who use it wisely to trade and invest.

Are you consider hiring people from the community?

Mirko: Yes!

Will you build in the future also a custodial wallet?

Mirko: It depends on the future developments in terms of regulations. But yes, there is the option for custodial services.

Do you plan partnerships with other projects from the Defichain Community?

Matthias: Yes we do so. We are already in close discussions with potential partners.

What about NFTs, are you planning something?

Mirko: In our next AMA session — Talk- we will talk about our plans. There will be a collection coming, will be released. We plan something in the NFT space. And it will be a big surprise and a great chance. In the AMA talk you will receive more information.

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