2 min readFeb 23, 2022

A powerful cross-device Trading Wallet & Tool Set for dStocks Trading that specializes in meeting the needs of investors and traders with a focus on decentralized stocks on the DeFiChain.

We aim to diversify the DeFiChain ecosystem and become a leading global platform for trading decentralized stocks based on DeFiChain.

In all the existing solutions based on DeFiChain we are missing at the moment strong trading functionality. But trading is what the whole stock market is for! People need the ability to buy and sell dStocks with the same tools such as limit orders and other functions as it is possible in the stock market.

We believe we can only unleash the real potential of the dStocks based on DeFiChain, if more people are empowered with the right tool to access the dStock market as a trader.

Right now, people are placing their assets in liquidity pools and are waiting for the reward. However, this cannot be the only basis for a prosperous DeFiChain ecosystem.

Therefore, with, we want to build a high-reach and high-use service based on the DeFiChain. It will increase the value of the DeFiChain and move the entire community forward.

Q2 / 2022

Alpha version with the possibility to create a wallet address and swap dAssets. Create limit orders. Invitation of Alpha-testers.

Q3 / 2022

  • Advanced charts for professional analysis of asset performance Portfolio analyses for the performance of one’s own portfolio
  • FIAT on-ramp and off-ramp integration

Q4 / 2022

Advanced trading functionalities to improve the performance of your own portfolio