The Future of
2 min readMay 27, 2022

Of course, when startup founders talk about their startups, the future is bright. So, of course, do we. After all, we want ourselves and everyone else to believe that our project will be a decent success.

The market environment is not particularly rosy at the moment. The interest rate policy of the central banks in the lead markets of Europe and the USA has led to a lot of cheap money being pumped into the markets. This has fueled the real estate and stock market boom. And it looks like the bubble is about to burst. Maybe it’s just a much-needed correction without entering a prolonged bear market. Only forecasts can be made. No one can say with certainty what exactly will happen.

From a capital raising perspective, such phases are of course not optimal for startups or even grown-ups. But there are definitely reasons why we see these market circumstances as positive, especially in the start-up phase.

After all, founders and companies that manage to prove themselves to investors and early adopters in this difficult market environment are usually also more robust in problematic market environments in the medium and long term. Because it is precisely in such a phase that we must learn to use our existing resources extremely efficiently and with an eye to the future. On the one hand, to create a stable and long-term functioning platform for our users. But also to further develop and expand the team, and at the same time to manage the financial side of the company in a stable manner.

At we have built an experienced team that is highly motivated. At the same time, we experience a lot of support from people in the DeFiChain community who help us on our way with advice and much more.

At the moment we are working on the alpha candidate. We hope to be able to show the beta version to a first beta tester group in July, August at the latest.

From then on, will go from strength to strength. More features will follow and we will build the whole ecosystem. With this project, we want to make a lasting contribution to the development of the DeFiChain ecosystem, to support users in their journey through Decentralized Finance and to give them more options.

We look forward to all the people who will support and join us on this journey.

Best regards from Zurich